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C4D effect signature Posted on May 6th, Written by JaspervD. In this detailed and beginner friendly tutorial you will learn how to make a signature using C4D renders and the ocean ripple filter. You will learn:
c4d signature tutorial

C4d Signature Tutorial

Getting prepared

Step 1: Picking a stock and render First you have to open a new canvas in any resolution you like. I suggest a medium-big resolution for better results px x px. Select a render of your choice and a stock image too.

Here are my choices: You can find some great game renders in this post. A collection of city stocks can be found here.

Now that you have your canvas,stock and render, put them all together. I put my stock and render like this: Step 2: Adding C4D renders So, the base of your signature is done. To spice it up we are going to add some C4D renders underneath the render.

And the result after this step: After that I placed some C4D renders on top of the render. I changed the blending mode of one of these C4D renders to multiply to blend the killzone render with the stock as you can see in the red circle: Step 3: Turn down the oppacity of this new layer untill you are satisfied with it.

Step 4: Adding special effects Now we are going to add some great effects using an abstract C4D render with some nice color in it. Here is the render I used: Insert the render into your signature and rotate it so it matches your flow. Add a motion blur to the C4D render that matches the motion blur done in the previous step: Now just keep adding and removing parts of the C4D render untill you are happy with the result, this is what I got: Step 5: Lighting The signature is starting to look good, lets continue by working on the lighting!

Pick the brush tool, a soft brush in any size around 50px , set your color to black and brush the edges and the dark spots of your signature. You can put the layer in soft light if you want, I just put in normal and lowered the opacity of the layer a bit. Now we are going to add a gradient layer using the gradient tool G. My gradient layer looks like this: As you can see the gradient layer matches the lighting in my signature and enhanced it. Here is the result after this step: Step 6: Enhancing colors To add some color I used the brush tool and a soft round brush to add some orange and white in certain spots.

Here is where I placed the extra color: For the first color use a color that matches your signature I used orange for the second color pick black. To improve the colors I also added a curves layer. Here is the final result after this step: Step 7: Depth Now we are going to improve the depth in the signature.

We do this by: Making the render stand out by sharpening it By blurring the background using a motion blur. For the sharpening: This is why we are going to add a mask to this layer, the mask will allow us to make certain parts of the layer visible the parts where we want to keep the sharpening and other parts invisible the parts we want to remove.

Now add a pixel mask to the layer by clicking on the following button: A mask will be added to the layer: Now brush on the mask render where you want the sharpening to be removed, keep in mind: I lowered the opacity of these layers down a bit, here is the result after this step: Step 8: Now take out your burn tool and dodge tool and improve your lighting by making certain parts darker using the burn tool, and making certain parts lighter using the dodge tool.

Step 9: Final adjustments Our signature is almost done, I decided not to add any text. In this step I used:

Instant’s GFX Guide

Using the Anima plugin for Cinema 4D «docs axyz-design com · Image Killzone C4d signature tutorial | Sigtutorials com · Image. Motion Tutorials: by Sean Frangella Glass Tumbler Tutorial In Cinema 4D – Part .. Models 3d,scenes,textures,materials c4d download C4D effect signature. CREATE DAVID BRODEUR’S SIGNATURE LOOK IN CINEMA 4D. CREATE GROUND, ROCKS AND TERRAIN IN CINEMA 4D. FIVE OCTANE QUICK TIPS IN.

Killzone C4d signature tutorial

Step 1: Picking a stock and render First you have to open a new canvas in any resolution you like. I suggest a medium-big resolution for better results px x px. Select a render of your choice and a stock image too. Here are my choices:

C4D effect signature

And this is my Guide to GFX. Stock- Any un-cut image.

Watch: zakured Signature tutorials: C4D signature Tutorial [Intermediate] Level

C4D signature Tutorial [Intermediate] Level. Alright here’s what we will be making today. Here’s what Render we will be using. Alright lets get. Video Tutorial. trebuj.me?v=bot0bX Credits to the owners of the resources used. Render: Beastbomb Wallpaper SLL Pack. Hi everyone, in this tutorial I’ll teach you guys to reach a similar outcome as the following Killzone signature: It’s not a difficult tutorial if you.

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C4d Signature Tutorial

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