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Initially supporting Unix systems as well, Xnview now only supports Windows Systems and offers not just an image viewer but an organizer and editor too. XnView is a robust software and supports multiple languages. XnView Supports image formats and a few video and audio formats as well. Scripting to rename a batch of files in a single stretch is offered by this software.
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Photo viewer for Windows 10

It takes little CPU occupation and loads images instantly. In case you want to have a better visual experience of large images, this photo viewer offers a full screen mode.

If you want to edit the image, you just need to click the pen icon on the bottom toolbar and a robust image editor will pop up.

You can click the download button below to enjoy all its advantages for free. This program allows users to view and manage their photos at the same time. It is bound with an image editor so users can do some quick fixes to their images like red eye removal, cropping, etc.

IrfanView This app works well and loads up images faster than other paid picture viewers. With this app, you can view pictures without lags, convert and optimize photos as you want, create slide shows, and process image in batch. Another interesting thing about this app is that it can scan images, as well as play music and videos, which is rarely included in any other photo viewers. This program serves as a photo viewer, organizer and, to some extent, an image editor. Upon using this tool, image loads fair enough without any lags, and you can manage your image by folders.

Plus, it also has a mobile version that you can carry along. Bonus Tips: The format takes up half as much space as a JPEG while retaining higher image quality. To handle this issue, there are two workarounds.

This is a direct way. No further ado is needed. Viewing HEIC files is as simple as viewing other commonly-used image files. This program supports batch conversion and provides both online and desktop version for using. Download Conclusion Now you have an idea about the best image viewer for Windows With these programs, you can do a bunch of things to manage and enrich your images.

Overall, the first photo viewer has the edge when compared with others, because it is simple, compact, and very light. It fits not only ordinary users but also professionals. Related posts:

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Those who grew up using Windows know how much we love Windows Photo Viewer. Windows 10 has replaced it with their Photos App. Now. Looking for a picture viewer to replace the default one? Read our article about the top image viewers for Windows and choose the best app to. sometimes all you might want is another way to view your images aside from the basic viewer that Windows 10 has.

Best Free Photo Viewer Alternatives for Windows

August 08, – 31 comments Windows 10’s photos app is horrible and slow but it is the default application to display images on the operating system. You can bring back Windows Photo Viewer optionally if you are used to the classic image viewer and prefer it. There are other good options and many Windows users install third-party alternatives such as IrfanView , nomacs , Faststone Image Viewer , XnView , or QuickViewer and use them to view images and photos on the system.

Top Image Viewers for Windows 10

May 21 5: Thanks a lot, I love it. Net, it’s remarkably fast if i set ZoomOptimization to Pixel besides startup time.

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Not satisfied with the default photo viewer on Windows 10? Then, find the best image viewer for Windows 10 here. Best Photo Viewer applications for Windows 10 list of Here is the list of alternative to Windows 10 Photos App and Windows Photo Viewer program. ImageGlass is a lightweight, open source photo viewer that designed to take place Windows Photo Viewer, work with all image formats, includes GIF, SVG.

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