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We can edit tables now that use the rowid implicit primary key. If there is an explicit primary key, however, I think RazorSQL should default to using that key and not rowid. And if rowid is already present in a view, RazorSQL shouldn’t add yet another copy of it.
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RazorSQL – Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases

We can edit tables now that use the rowid implicit primary key. If there is an explicit primary key, however, I think RazorSQL should default to using that key and not rowid. And if rowid is already present in a view, RazorSQL shouldn’t add yet another copy of it. Tabbing through a row from column to column now works nicely. The pop up menu option to “Edit Table” is a welcome more direct method.

Double click in the entity browser currently just does the same as clicking the expansion triangle so would be better utilized. Nulls now show as empty cells in the query results pane great , but not in the edit window show as “null” , which makes it look cluttered. Admittedly you’d need some way to show and enter null as distinct from empty cells when editing. Perhaps something less obtrusive than the word “null”, or a reference on what to show. Presumably a text entry of the literal word “null” currently appears the same as a null, so it is currently ambiguous anyway.

I confirmed that RazorSQL does enter integers into an integer column in a table, thank you. It is not true that “SQLite views are read-only”. I notice that RazorSQL thankfully still allows me to edit the data in a view if I initiate it by double clicking in the query result, but that the more direct “Edit Table” option in the pop up menu in the entity browser is disabled.

Please re-enable it. Also, RazorSQL should enter null not ” in an insert where data cells are left empty. This is especially a problem for integer primary key columns since ” is not allowed but null is happily accepted and auto replaced by the next integer, but also unnecessarily populates ” in cells where I did not ask for anything to be entered.

The incomplete support for editing views is a show stopper problem. Some more points: RazorSQL shows the results of a query in a pane in the main window. When I initiate editing of data there such as by double clicking on a data cell , RazorSQL opens a new window with a copy of that same table, and I have to locate the data cell again. It would be more intuitive, efficient and streamlined to perform the editing directly in the query result pane, rather than opening a new window.

Each query result shows in a new tab in the bottom right panel. They are labeled “Query 1”, “Query 2” etc, which gives no indication of their origin. The syntax coloring looks great. It would be helpful to have literals in single quotes show as a different color to identifiers in double quotes. How about a view of one record at a time, similar to “line” mode, eg: The SQL formatter indenting SQL statements is good idea, but the current implementation is of limited use, since, for instance, it treats commas in the select statement to same as commas within brackets.

I struggle with the Java app GUI. Native Cocoa would look and work much better. I’ll review more if point 5 editing of views is addressed, since then I can find some use for it. I would recommend it to any developers.

It seems to be unaware of the implicit rowid primary key field in SQLite, which makes editing data in some tables impossible.

I like many of the features such as SQL History and the way it marks inserted, updated and deleted rows to be applied as a batch change. The editing of cells has a few problems. It shows nulls as which is a bit ugly some sort of blank would be better. It seems impossible to enter a null since entering enters that literal string. Unfortunately the GUI is built on Java or something that’s quite un-Mac-like and gets a bit annoying.

For instance: It is one of the better SQLite editors out there, but impractical to use in every day database editing. It’s improving though.


bit version recomended if using ODBC connections. Unzip and launch trebuj.me bit version recomended if using ODBC connections. To install, download the trebuj.me file to your Windows machine. Download RazorSQL – An intuitive and straightforward SQL database query tool, browser and editor that supports all major databases such as MySQL, Oracle. RazorSQL Free Download New and latest Version for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of RazorSQL Free.

RazorSQL 6.0 Press Release

For existing licensed users, to check to see whether your license is eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version of RazorSQL, click the following: The bit version only runs on bit versions of Windows. Launching the exe file executes the windows installer. Follow the prompts to install RazorSQL. Windows Zip File For best results, use of one of the following operating systems is recommended:

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Download RazorSQL Portable free. Better manage your SQL databases with this portable tool ✓ Updated ✓ Free download. Richardson Software RazorSQL – a program for managing key databases within a single program. The program allows you to run SQL queries visually edit. The latest Tweets from Razor SQL (@razorsql). RazorSQL is a database query tool and SQL editor that supports all major Razor SQL @razorsql Mar 6. More.

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