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Please note: You’ll need to have a valid TeamViewer license. However, if there are no hosts listed on the console, then the hosts you add on Atera will be copied to the TeamViewer management console.
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Only annual contracts Version updates As the name hints, TeamViewer is about bringing workers together on via a computer, although it also provides all the traditional features of a remote desktop application. A personal use license is free, but are the paid TeamViewer options worth a business spending hard cash on?

Want to try TeamViewer? Check out the website here The TeamViewer Management Console allows you to setup groups of remote computers and control their security settings Image credit: TeamViewer Image credit: Image credit: TeamViewer Features One, if not the biggest, selling point of TeamViewer is the operating system support.

And, it supports web-based control, for those operating systems not listed that support a browser. Admittedly some of those options are remarkably niche, but it should cover most business environments irrespective of their diverse system choices.

What TeamViewer offers is a remote access solution that can be expanded to include more than just two people working on a computer, to provide an alternative to physical meetings and brainstorming sessions. Installation on the PC, for both the host and guest systems, usually requires the installation of a small 23Mb application. You can run it without installation if required.

As part of the install, you are asked if you want to add the TeamViewer printer driver, for remote printing, use the TeamViewer VPN for extra security, and interface with Microsoft Outlook. To make all this work as intended, you also need to sign up at TeamViewer, something they curiously fail to mention when you download the app.

Once you have that, and the app installed at both ends, you can establish a link and access the remote computer much like you would if sat at it. TeamViewer lets you quickly check the performance of your remote computers Image credit: TeamViewer As remote access tools go, the feature set of this one is very comprehensive.

It enables you to chat with the remote user with notes, using VoIP or phone, annotate the screen and even invite others to the session if you need help from another technician. TeamViewer can record video, audio, run remote scripts, take screenshots, transfer files and use a VPN for more secure links. And, if you are using it for commercial purposes, you can have lots of sessions open to all the computers you want to control. In addition to remote access, TeamViewer lets you schedule and join meetings Image credit: TeamViewer The desktop app that initiates connections can also schedule a meeting using the Outlook integration , create a presentation, phone or video call.

Meeting using the software allow workers in multiple locations to huddle around a virtual computer and see the same computer screen. And, annotating over it from their respective systems. There are dedicated team meeting applications that do more, and it would be better if they supported another calendar technology than just Outlook. But what it does might be useful, and another justification for the cost beyond the remote access functionality.

With the TeamViewer app in widespread use inside a company, you can also use it as a mechanism to hook into other TeamViewer tools, like those cover endpoint protection and even a remote backup solution.

TeamViewer Interface The interface of the remote connection, like so many of these tools, has been influenced by Microsoft Remote Desktop. As it provides a centrally placed control bar from where you can access all the actions you might need while connected to a remote computer. On the remote system, a small taskbar window pops up that enables anyone at the computer to get to some of the tools, like chat and annotation.

It also informs them who is controlling their computer, should they need confirmation. Alongside the application is a web portal where all the activity on the account is logged for reporting, and a list of all the registered endpoints can be maintained here.

Like the installable software tools, the web portal has a very clean and easily understandable design, with menus on the left and information panels on the right. In addition to the strong encryption model, TeamViewer has two-factor authentication and Trusted devices, for those that want to lock down their solutions and make them even more secure.

As an additional line of defence, any unusual activity repeated wrong passwords, etc. Pricing TeamViewer is another remote-control app that is often used by scammers, but that probably says more about the free-for-personal-use aspect than anything specifically wrong with this tool. At the start of this review, we asked if TeamViewer worth a business spending hard cash on.

And, according to the creators, with 1. You can access up to devices, but only one at a time. The Premium license allows for multiple seats, but you are still limited to one session each from a possible pool of devices. If you want more users, support for mobile devices, or enhanced service, all these come as extras that cost more.

But you will get stuck with the whole undiscounted cost in the second year, sadly. For larger companies, TeamViewer will entertain custom volume pricing and customised licensing plans for Enterprise level businesses. Final verdict While large corporations might not concern themselves with these overheads, small and medium-sized businesses might be tempted to use something they know to be inferior, but less expensive. Another issue is the version updates that are normally released each year.

However, even with these drawbacks, from a functionality and performance viewpoint, this is one of the best solutions available. We’ve also highlighted the best remote desktop software Most Popular.

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This article applies to TeamViewer users with a Premium- or Corporate license. TeamViewer Management Console; Company profile; Channel. See this overview of the features that make TeamViewer the most advanced, most intuitive remote support, remote access, and online collaboration tool. We used Teamviewer a year ago. We have got special offer email (link). We have upgraded TV13 Premium license to TV14 Corporate license.


TeamViewer offers several features to improve managing your support team within TeamViewer. It is basically the main hub for managing your TeamViewer Support Team. Please find below some of the most popular features. Company profile With the TeamViewer Management Console, you can manage multiple TeamViewer accounts at a company level using a company profile. A company profile offers many options like managing users or allocate their permissions.

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Only annual contracts Version updates As the name hints, TeamViewer is about bringing workers together on via a computer, although it also provides all the traditional features of a remote desktop application. A personal use license is free, but are the paid TeamViewer options worth a business spending hard cash on? Want to try TeamViewer?

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Licensing. 1. Freemium. • Private use only. 2. Business. • Workstations, 1 Licensed User. • One channel. • Up to 5 meeting participants. 3. Premium. Premium License. Multiple licensed users can initiate device connections, with 1 session open at a time. Buy now. Access & Control Computers Remotely. TeamViewer is the global leader with over billion installations that enables Customers will first need to purchase a TeamViewer Premium or Corporate.

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