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UCL Software Database: Downloading software This guide shows you how to download software from the software database that you have licence permission to use. In order to install the latter onto Windows you need to install Virtual drive software, we recommend you use MagicDisc, or other Virtual drive software of your choice. You may also burn the disk image to a CD or DVD, although we discourage this because, in many cases, you will also need to ensure all copyright messages and logos are added to the disk.
ucl software for aadhar download

How to Install Aadhar UCL software & Download

Minimum System Requirement. General Information. System Overview. Authorized Use Permission. Installation Steps. System configuration. Client Identity. Client Registration. Deregistration of UCL. Client Security. Import User Credentials. Demographics Screen. Local Language Settings. Acronyms and Abbreviations. System Summary. Data Flows. User Access Levels. Getting Started. System Menu. Administrative functionalities. Exit System. Using the System. Update Resident Information.

Aadhaar Number. Review Screen. Print Letter. Special Instructions for Error Correction. Input Procedures and Expected Output. Reporting If Applicable. Reporting Capabilities. Report Procedures. Project References. Introduction This section of the manual will provide you with context about Unique Identification numbers UID numbers , the purpose of this manual and some commonly used terminology in the manual.

Purpose After reading this manual, an enrolment operator should be able to: Operator has to double click on UCL icon to run the application. General Information 2.

Coordination Not Applicable 2. Installation Steps To install update client lite UCL , follow the files in read me folder available with the installer. Also install wkhtmltopdf software available in the path: Make sure the install directory of wkhtmlpdf is as below: System configuration The UCL platform can be configured through enrolment client administrator ECA module provided with enrolment client.

Following screens are available in ECA to configure different parameters of update lite client. Client Identity 2. Without registration operators cannot login to enrolment client. Below are the steps to register the enrolment client.

The number should be unique for the same Registrar and EA combination. Maximum of 5 digits can be entered in this field. Application will save the changes and display the following message. Screenshot 3: In the Enrolment Client Registration section, there are two fields available: Any resident information captured with this client will be subsequently rejected if you choose to proceed without registering.

After successful registration, application will try to download the registrar certificate of the corresponding registrar from the server. If the application is unable to download certificate file from the server, following message will be displayed.

Aadhaar — — O Registration completed successfully. However a registrar certificate could not he obtained. OK Screenshot 5: Client Machine ID: Client Identity Screen 2.

Screenshot 6 Application will display following message. Client Deregistration This action will Deregister the client. Do you wish to continue? Yes No Screenshot 7: Enrolment client will be deregistered and success message will be displayed. Client Deregistration O. OK Screenshot 8: Success Message Popup 2. Client Security Following functionalities are available in the client security screen.

Details of each function are given below. Import User Credentials User credential file should be downloaded from the portal and import it into the application. The user-credential file is a digitally signed. Here are the steps for importing user credential file to application.

Importing user credential file may overwrite previously created users. Screenshot 9: Aadhaar o Credentials file userCredentials. OK Screenshot Success Message popup 2. Local language used for enrolment and local language labels for the address fields can be configured here.

Click on the Demographics Screen icon system displays local language setting section. CT 00’E 00m Screenshot Demographic Screen APP. Application will display following message. Demographics Changes o Locale updated successfully. Changes will he reflected the next time you start the enrolment client. Success Message Popup Note: Local language changes are not applicable for administration module. Changes will be reflected only in the update lite client UCL.

Acronyms and Abbreviations Table 1. Software Version Java Jdk 1. Data Flows Not Applicable 3. Getting Started 4. Aadhaar Login Click on the login button on entering the user credentials to login to the client application Click here to start fingerprint capture Screenshot UCL login Screen Click on the login button on entering the user credentials to login to the client application. In case, the enrolment client is not registered, the application will display following message and exit.

The application will now terminate. Close Screenshot Update Resident Information 5. Demographic The first step in the process of updating a resident is to capture the resident’s demographic data in the update lite client UCL. After login into UCL ‘Demographics’ tab shall be selected as a default as shown below: Screenshot

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Aadhaar UCL, Free Download by UID Authority of India. Download latest version from Software Informer. DOWNLOAD NOW MB. See the report or. Aadhaar UCL is used by users of Software Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is The name of the. Aadhar UCL DOWNLOAD LINK. Click here to Download. Posted by I want to start ucl service in my center so please help me. My number.

UCL Software Database: Downloading software

Minimum System Requirement. General Information. System Overview. Authorized Use Permission.

How To Requirement Use Aadhar UCL Software

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CSC has taken the initiative “Aadhaar on Wheels”to provide Aadhaar related Services like Biometric update, Child Enrollment and UCL services through its Mobile VAN. UCL Software ()- trebuj.me?id= ECMP Disclosure Add-On DOWNLOAD PATH- trebuj.me?id . Aadhar ucl registration. Now u able to Download New Version Of Digipay 1. Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software for your Windows, Mac OS. 1-First Download Aadhar UCL Full click Here to Download2- Now to Install Run Setup_MSP_UCL_Full_ and Install Now.

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